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Why does religion so often not meet our spiritual needs?     Why is there such a hunger for spirituality in the world?       Is the kingdom of God out there somewhere, or within us?     Should we seek influence in the world or inner spirituality?     Is there everlasting punishment in hell, or reincarnation?     Will Jesus come back in a physical body, or in our hearts?     How can we come to personally know our loving God?

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A New Cosmology that Weaves Together the Physical

Universe and the Spiritual Realm into one Fabric

As well as this synthesis, the Stationary Energy Theory unifies electromagnetic and nuclear forces with gravitational forces with simple, watertight math. Make all energy, including the spiritual energy blueprint for the universe, stationary in space and time with respect to a 4D, Big-Bang centered frame of reference, and have all matter move at the speed of light through time and space as the universe expands, scanning the cosmic blueprint as it goes, and there you have it! This theory's equation for gravity, Fg = ˝mc˛(α – σ)/d where α and σ are tiny but important angles, can be used to accurately calculate the acceleration of the expansion of the universe without the need for 'dark energy.' To find out more, click here.

The Hot Springs of America - a novel about now!

Book cover The worst of Trumpian dystopias could arise if Donald became dispensable and Mike Pence took over as president. Since our separation of church and state is so fragile, a medieval-style Christian theocracy could take over under Pence. Originally written with Bush/Cheney in mind, Hot Springs of America is even more timely in the context of the disintegrating Trump-Pence administration. In the tradition of The Handmaid's Tale, but more recently written and more in tune with the terrible reality our country is facing, this story embodies the challenge that could come our way and shows how a dedicated resistance could overcome it and bring about the truly egalitarian society America has been waiting for. Read more about the book, and the first four chapters for free, by cliking here: Hot Springs

Living the Evolution - newly released!

Book cover Can we rely on governments to do what is needed to overcome climate change and make sure we are safe in an increasingly challenged world? If not, what can we do, as individuals and communities, to survive and thrive in the difficult times ahead? This book shows how we can adapt to future problems, and bring about worthwhile change in society, by doing as Gandhi suggested, and 'being the change we wish to see in the world.' The book includes strategies for sidelining wealthy elites that are exploiting us. It also shows how living in a way that is sustainable for the planet gives us the skills we need to live well despite the large amount of climate change that is now inevitable. To read more about the book, and read two chapters for free, please click here: Living the Evolution

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Endorsements and Reviews:

In Search of the Loving God is a book written with a purpose - and that purpose is to bring an age old message of truth and love to our tired, confused and desperate world. Mark is out to conquer hearts and win love for God. His book mingles impressive scholarship with both poetic appeal and down to earth empirical experiences. The world is in great need of the healing that this book could bring it.
     (Ian D. Baynes, B.V.Sc., M.A.P.S.)

In Search of the Loving God reads like a combination mystery, history, and Bible commentary all rolled into one. Read it for its enlightening view on Scripture and revealing stories of the church's history. May the Spirit use this book to reach many people with its hopeful message for the future of Christianity.
     (Joy Wells, Educator)

Mr Mason's skills as both researcher and writer are such that I was unable to put the book down once I started it. He makes what could be a very dry topic not only readable, but also highly relevant to someone who is attempting to move beyond surface spirituality to a level of deep understanding and growth.
      His book is divided into two parts. The first gives a very comprehensive, and eye-opening, history of the Bible and Christianity as a religion. He shows incredibly clearly how and why the church strayed from the teachings of Jesus and what that means to the church today. The second section shows how the Bible and its teachings are relevant to seekers in today's world. He describes Bible passages that teach us about reincarnation, a simple lifestyle and free will, and he includes wonderful and affirming interpretations about what hell and the book of Revelation really means.
     (Patricia Vallerand, from her review of In Search of the Loving God in the Observer Quarterly)

To read more reviews, and more of what readers are saying about his book, see the reviews and endorsements page at this site.

Author's description of In Search of the Loving God:

In Search of the Loving God proposes that the key to knowing and loving God is meditation, but that before we can love God, and effectively meditate, we need to overcome our fear of Him. The book challenges traditional Christian beliefs by taking a fresh look at the life of Jesus, and at how the church soon became corrupt and power-seeking and largely ignored Jesus' teachings, invented the concept of everlasting punishment in hell in order to control people through fear, and eventually terrorized European society with the Inquisition and the witch craze, in which millions of women were burned at the stake, often for no crime greater than being a midwife. It looks at the disturbing similarities between medieval Christianity and modern religious fundamentalism, which in America manifests as the Christian Coalition, and other organizations of the religious right. It shows how the "us and them" nature of our society is based on, and underpinned by, the medieval Christian belief that some people are valuable to God and are saved, while others are not and are eternally damned. The importance of the separation of church and state in protecting us against fundamentalism, and preserving our freedom to make our own moral choices is highlighted, as is the reality of our free will -- God's greatest gift to us.

The book has chapters on why there is no honest Biblical basis for believing in everlasting punishment in hell, Biblical evidence for believing in Reincarnation, a metaphysical interpretation of the Book of Revelation, how to meditate, the reality of miracles in our lives, and on how Christianity could be more accepting of other religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. It advocates a radical reform of Christianity, which would result in it becoming a religion of love and acceptance, rather than what it traditionally has been: a religion of guilt and fear. Abandoning the belief in eternal hell, and embracing reincarnation and meditation may sound particularly New Age, but the Bible shows Jesus taught these concepts, and that they open the way to knowing and loving God. If you are looking for a loving and inclusive spirituality, a Christianity that embraces God and all people, then this book might be a stepping stone on your path.

In divine love,

Mark Mason

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The Hot Springs of America, a novel, showing how another "terrorist" attack could mean the end of our current democracy, and plunge America into a second civil war. Read two complete chapters online, and if want to read the rest, the e-book can be purchased for just $5.95 (PayPal or Credit Card). To start reading, click here: The Hot Springs of America.

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