Banks that Finance the Nuclear Weapons Industry

In October 2016 the United Nations passed a resolution (123 nations for, 38 against) to launch negotiations in 2017 on a treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons. We can do our bit to help this renewed nuclear disarmament effort by avoiding doing business with the banks and other financial institutions that finance the nuclear weapons industry.

Four of the worst offending banks, investing between ten billion dollars and twenty-five billion dollars each in the nuclear weapons industry, are: Bank of America, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

Here are three links to web pages giving information on banks and financial institutions that finance the nuclear weapons industry around the world:

The Common Dreams article giving the overview

Don't Bank on the Bomb webpage listing the banks, etc., that invest the most heavily in the nuclear industry

Don't Bank on the Bomb full report on all nuclear weapons investors, and also a list of those who don't invest in them - in pdf format

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