Book cover of Living the Revolution by Mark Mason.

Living the Evolution

Despite critical shortages coming soon in food, water and energy, each aggravated by climate change and overpopulation, those who wisely prepare can survive and even thrive. Figuring out the best place to live, and knowing how to grow some of our own food and be self-reliant in other ways, will be critically important, as will be living in mutually supportive communities that are aware of the problems.

Being prepared in this way isnít selfish; it is, rather, in our enlightened self-interest, as it will also help others and the world in so many ways. This book delves deeply into these issues, with the hope of inspiring you to be, in your own unique way, the change we all so much need. And you will do this by thriving yourself so you can in turn help others.

Can we rely on governments to solve these problems? I believe not, because most politicians are dancing with the corporate world and billionaires who brought them to the party, and who want the status quo they are doing very nicely with to continue. The only real solution is for us to adapt to the situation and help each other to evolve to a better way of living.

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