Clipper Ship Multi-Paste Clipboard and More

Clipper Ship is downloaded as a freeware 'Lite' version that can be upgraded to the full version for only $8.00, if and when you want its extra features.

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Features of the free 'Lite' version of Clipper Ship include:

  • A Multi-Paste Clipboard, enabling you to paste any of the last twelve clips you have copied. The Clips are saved between one use and the next. You check or uncheck a check box to specify whether Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X will copy to the Multi-Paste Clipboard. With it unchecked you can use the Copy button to copy clips you want to use again to the M-P Clipboard, and use Ctrl+C, right clicking or menu copying for once-off copy and pastes that you don't want to keep to use again.

  • A Pick List, allowing you to paste often-used blocks of text from lists, and to quickly and easily add new text passages with a simple copy and paste. In the Lite version 30 clips or macros at a time can be stored in its three lists. With the full version 200 clips or macros at a time can be stored in five lists.

  • A Macro Recorder. The Pick Lists can contain macros recorded with Clipper Ship's Macro Recorder. It operates with a record button on the Pick List window, and the macros can be subsequently edited. Macros are strings of commands that can, with one click or keystroke, be sent to your computer to do useful things. Three sample macros are included: two that copy selected text between documents, with and without formatting, and another that advances one-at-a-time through your Windows Wallpaper images when you press F8.

  • A Symbol Pick List, allowing you to click on 44 common symbols not found on your keyboard, to copy them into your document. These include the symbols used in Spanish, these math, currency and other symbols: , the check mark in Word, and more.

  • A Typing Speed Monitor that can tell you what your typing speed has been in the current session. This intelligently knows when you are typing and not typing, and doesn't count pauses of more than 1.5 seconds against your typing speed.

  • Up and down Sorting of text in any editor, email, or other place you can write text in. Unlike sorts in most programs, including Word, blank lines separating lines or paragraphs to be sorted are preserved, rather than being collected at the top of the sorted list.

  • A Window and Desktop Copy button that copies the most recently active window (or the whole desktop if that was the last thing clicked on) to the Paint program so you can edit and save the images in these windows. This makes collecting images from the internet easy.

  • An Area from a Map tool that can be used with any on-screen map, including Google Earth, to get the dimensions, orientation and area of any three or four-sided shape on the map. This, along with CalcSheet (see following), is a demonstration feature in the Lite version, where 100 map area calculations and/or CalcSheet calculations are available before needing to upgrade to the full version.

  • The CalcSheet instant spreadsheet, allowing you to total numbers in editors or word processors, even if they are mixed with text. Complex calculations can also be done with Calcsheets, up to the complexity of, and in some respects exceeding, what is possible with spreadsheets. Includes seven sample Calcsheets illustrating its use, including a Mortgage Calculator.

  • An Abbreviation Expander with over 26,000 built-in short forms for words and phrases, and an innovative in-place display that is very intuitive to use. If you have RSI, or feel strain in your hands while you are typing that could be the beginnings of it, the reduced number of keystrokes you need to make when using the abbreviation expander could be of great benefit to you!

  • The ability to add a Free Dictionary/Thesaurus to the Abbreviation Expander.

  • A Color Setting Control with primary-color slide bars, that lets you see how up to three different colors go with each other, and that displays the color numbers so you can transfer them to another application such as a website.

  • Full Windows 7 and Vista Compatibility, as well as with previous versions of windows.

  • A Help menu with help files describing how to do everything in Clipper Ship.
Extra features of the full version of Clipper Ship include:
  • Being able to store up to 200 passages of text and macros in the Pick Lists in five lists, instead of just 30 in three lists. Pick List 5 is password protected, so private information such as credit card numbers can be more safely stored in it.

  • Having an unlimited number of Area from a Map and CalcSheet calculations.

  • Being able to choose from numerous customizing options in the Abbreviation Expander, including being able to add new short forms and expansions, switch to a custom database, add and remove custom lists of short forms to and from the database (with an included custom list of 700 medical terms you can use to add to the 300 already in the database), being able to import and export databases, and being able to run Clipper Ship in Protected mode, where other people using the program can't save alterations they make to its settings and databases.

Screen Shots:

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To download Clipper Ship 1.1 (558 KB), click here: CSetup.exe

Then to install Clipper Ship, double-click the downloaded setup program, "CSetup.exe", and follow the simple instructions.

To download the free WordWeb dictionary/thesaurus (optional), click here: WordWeb

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The Clipper Ship Upgrade costs only $8.

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Clipper Ship Upgrade from Dwapara Press, $8.00

I will get an email from PayPal saying you have purchased the upgrade, and within a few days (usually the same day), I will email you a registration code that works in conjunction with your name to permanantly upgrade your copy of Clipper Ship. If you want to use a different name for the registration than the name on the PayPal email, then please say so in the buyer's special instructions box, or email me with the name at with "Clipper Ship" in the subject line.

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