A Note About the Cover Design

The cover design of In Search of the Loving God symbolically represents Christianity seeing itself in a new way. Christianity often still pictures itself at the center of the universe of faiths, with other religions revolving around it, and their value being graded according to their distance from the Christian position. The author strongly identifies with the view of the celebrated liberal Christian theologian John Hick, who claimed that:

   We have to realize that the universe of faiths centers on God,
   and not upon Christianity or upon any other religion.
   He is the sun, the originative source of light and life,
   whom all the religions reflect in their own different ways.

So, in the cover design, Christianity takes an equal place with other religions, around the central star, which represents God, who is the source of the light, truth and life of all religions.

Although In Search of the Loving God is mainly a call for reform of Christianity, there is a whole chapter covering other religions and Christianity's relationship to them, and discussions of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism find their way into a number of chapters. This is a book stressing the oneness of different religions, not their differences, and the author believes the cover design, which he himself conceived, and the title of the book, ideally express this approach.

The book currently has the black and white cover shown on this page. The color graphic shown on the home page of this site will be used for the cover if and when the book goes into a new printed edition.