How you can help

If you are a supporter of what In Search of the Loving God sets out to achieve, and would like to help promote the book, there is a simple but very effective way you could help. I would like to get the book into as many libraries as possible, so as many people as possible will have the opportunity to read it, and be helped by it. Since one of a librarian's most difficult jobs, twice each year, is to decide which books to buy with the library's acquisitions budget, librarians are nearly always open to suggestions from members as to what might be a good book to buy. Many libraries even have a special form you can fill in with these suggestions.

You could help promote this book, make your librarian's job a little easier, and even obtain a "free" copy of the book to read (by subsequently borrowing the book yourself) by suggesting to a library you are a member of that they buy In Search of the Loving God. The library will, however, have to order the book directly from me, as it is uneconomic for me to fulfill single-book orders through Baker and Taylor, the usual library distributer.

Also, if any of you have any other suggestions for promoting the book and the ideas it contains, please do e-mail me:

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In divine love,

Mark Mason