A Directory of Spiritual, Metaphysical Sites

Directory of Meditation Sites

Spiritual Organizations:
Christ in the Desert. Features wonderful illiminated paintings.
Self-Realization Fellowship. SRF Temple locations, catalog of books, times for lecture tours, retreats, Convocation, life of Yogananda, and much more.
Ananda Church of Self-Realization. Details the Ananda's yoga-based meditation and how-to-live literature, and their meditation lessons and retreats at the Ananda cooperative villiage.

Healing Resources:
A Healthy New Age Success Center: Dedicated to extraordinary living. A Mind-Body-Spirit Experience!
Elevated Therapy - a new vision of reality with change in mind Hypnosis, NLP, Past Life Healing in the UK

Marianne Williamson's Home Page

Magazines and Radio Programs:
Inner Self Online Magazine
In Touch Online Magazine
New Dimensions Radio

Online Forums:

The directory on this page is in its infancy! I hope to greatly expand it over time. If you would like to suggest a site for inclusion here, please e-mail me at: mark@markmason.net with its name, url, and a brief description, and I will review it for inclusion.

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