Hot Springs of America

This speculative novel paints a picture of what could happen to the USA, and the world, if the separation of church and state were to break down more than it already has. Fundamentalist Christianity has repeatedly signaled how intolerant and punitive it would be if it had the political power to do so. For instance, one influential Republican politician has said being an abortion provider should be a capital offense.

It has been said a novel should “explore possibilities for living.” This novel does so by presenting a model for a better future and by showing how, when society is at its nadir, people can work together to achieve a new level of freedom. It has a vison for a society that is both sustainable for the planet, and sustaining for the people who live on it. I hope it will inspire people to think in their own creative ways about the challenges we face.

When asked what he thought of “Western Civilization,” Gandhi said he thought it would be a good idea. We certainly need to think about how our western society can become more civilized. The Hot Springs of America is offered to prevoke thought in this area. It is also a good story, with engaging characters and great adventure. I believe you will enjoy reading every one of its 18 chapters! Get a taste of it by reading the first four chapters from it for free at this website: Read the first four chapters!

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Table of Contents of The Hot Springs of America

Chapter 1   - Terrorist Attack
Chapter 2   - War Powers Act
Chapter 3   - Hot Spring on the Salmon River
Chapter 4   - The Bed and Breakfast from Hell
Chapter 5   - Soft of Eye, Light of Touch
Chapter 6   - Serendipity Saves the Day
Chapter 7   - Blessed Be Your Children Here
Chapter 8   - Constitution for a Free, Fair America
Chapter 9   - American Liberation Army in Action
Chapter 10 - A Problem for Pagans
Chapter 11 - Worst of Times, Best of Times
Chapter 12 - Almost Persuaded, Now to Believe
Chapter 13 - The Rod of Discipline
Chapter 14 - Feelings: Our Servants or Masters?
Chapter 15 - Better Than Living in Sin
Chapter 16 - The Couples Police in Action
Chapter 17 - Secret Strategy Finally Discovered
Chapter 18 - Freedom is Worth the Price