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In Search of the Loving God

The author, Mark Mason, was an active member of an Anglican church in Australia until he left it, disillusioned, in his late teens. His belief in God never left him, though, and in his late twenties he discovered yoga and meditation, which led to a deeply satisfying personal relationship with God. This prompted him to ask the question: what has gone wrong with Christianity? A teacher with a degree in Biochemistry, Mark spent five years researching Biblical sources, studying the history of Christianity and its social manifestations, and writing In Search of the Loving God. In the process he interviewed many people about their experiences of Christianity. This book is the result of his personal search for the loving God.

Mark was born and raised in Australia, but is now an American citizen, and lives in Oregon. He is available to speak to groups about any of the topics raised by this book. If you would like to inquire about having the author speak to your group or organization, or have any other questions: Turn graphics on to see this

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