Aquarius Database

All you need now for free, and extendable later

Aquarius is a freeware business database with all the basic operational, accounting and inventory features you will need to run a small business. And since your database may need to have new features added as your business grows and evolves, provision has been made to allow Aquarius to have new custom features added to it.


Aquarius works on any Windows 98/Me/XP/NT/2000/Vista computer. At the moment it doesn't work properly on Windows 7. An XGA (1024 x 768) screen or larger is recommended but not required. A word processor with mail merge is needed for some features - Aquarius is initially set up to work with MS Word 97 or later.

Aquarius Database Features:

  • Fully customizable to your business.
  • Perpetual inventory and purchasing report help you optimize stock levels.
  • Sales Reports help you analyse your business and prepare tax returns.
  • An easy to use sales form for making sales.
  • Printed receipts, invoices, envelopes, mailing labels, form letters, address lists and catalogs.
  • Product search.
  • Customer database.
  • Includes a sample database to experiment with.
  • Easy to get started - when you are ready, just switch to a blank working database, fill in your business name, etc., on the Customize form, import or type in your data, and you are ready to make sales!
  • Ability to use your word processor to design the receipts, invoices, envelope addressing, mailing labels, form letters, address lists and product catalogs Aquarius produces (initially set up for MS Word). This enables you to present the image you want to your customers and potential customers.
  • Ability to add photos of some or all of your products, and to show a photo by clicking on a product.
  • Ability to swich between the working database, the sample database and backed up databases (say from previous years) at any stage.
  • Ability to backup, restore, compact and repair your database from the File menu.
  • Customizable user help, which you can rewrite specifically for your business and your staff.
  • Customizable banner display for the education (and diversion?) of your staff.
  • Easy editing forms for the Customer, Product, Sales, Items and Suppliers tables.
  • Many options in the Sales and Purchasing reports to provide for the practical needs of a real business.
  • Full control of the appearance of the various forms in terms of color and pictures which show in them.
  • A variety of effective strategies to enable you to expand your database and add new custom features to it as your business changes and grows.
  • And It's free!

More about Aquarius database:

Aquarius comes with a state-of-the-art setup program to make installing it on your computer easy and safe. If you ever need to remove it from your computer this can be easily and completely done using the "Add/Remove Programs" utility in the Windows Control Panel.

Aquarius is intuitive to use at a basic level, but it has quite a few useful features which are easy to learn, and which can greatly increase its usefulness. Aquarius's Help menu contains help pages with detailed but easy-to-read instructions on how to use these features.

Click here for a screen shot of Aquarius in action, showing a sale being made: Aquarius Screen Shot

To view the Aquarius Help documents in PDF format, left click, or to download, right click: Aquarius Help.pdf (231 KB)

Downloading Aquarius Database 1.9

Aquarius database needs the Visual Basic runtime file MSVBVM50.DLL and various other '.dll' files to operate. These days most computers already have these files installed, so I suggest you assume they are, and just start by downloading one of the following setup programs.

To download Aquarius Database 1.9, click on one of the following zip files or self-extracting exe files, unzip it, and double click the SETUP program in the created folder : or AqTSetup.exe

If the above setup does not produce a program that runs properly, uninstall, then try the following: AqSSetup.exe

If even that doesn't work, this complete setup, though a large download (4 MB), should work: AqLSetup.exe

Free download of VB runtime from Microsoft: msvbvm50.exe
(to install, double click on the downloaded 'Msvbvm50.exe')


If you have found Aquarius Database useful to you, and would like, in appreciation, to make a small donation to help me further develop the product, please click the following button to make a donation using PayPal or a credit card:

If you have any questions about Aquarius, please feel free to contact me:
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