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Trade Inquiries

All trade inquiries are welcomed by Dwapara Press. Please address questions to the author, at the phone number or e-mail address listed above. If you are a book store wishing to stock In Search of the Loving God by Mark Mason, please contact the author at the above email address. You may also contact one of our distributors or wholesalers, and quote ISBN 0-9658477-4-8:


BAKER & TAYLOR in the USA and Canada

SPECIALIST PUBLICATIONS in Australia. Ph: (02) 9736-2191

If your store is stocking In Search of the Loving God, the author will be happy to list the name, address and phone number of your store on the page at his site which list all the stores he knows of which are stocking the book. This is so people who visit his site and decide they want to buy the book will be able determine whether there is a book store near them which stocks it. If you have a web site, he will also be happy to include a hot link to your site. E-mail the author at: mark@markmason.net or via his site's e-mail the author facility, and tell him which wholesaler or distributor you are buying the book through, and he will be glad to do this for you.

Reviewer Inquires

If you are a book reviewer, and are interested in reviewing In Search of the Loving God you are welcome to contact the author at: mark (at) markmason (dot) net. If you wish to do a review based just on the material in this web site and the news release supplied, please feel free to do so. We would appreciate it, though, if you could e-mail the publisher or author with where and when the review will be published, and, if possible, with a copy of the review.

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