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In Search of the Loving God

Are you one of the many people in our society who are burdened with guilt as a result of your Christian upbringing, or who feel perplexed or confused by the mixed messages of fear and love Christianity sends? If you are, a new book by Mark Mason, called In Search of the Loving God, may be for you.

This book uncovers the truth about the barbaric history of the Christian church - how, right through the middle ages, it used punishments enforced through the governments it controlled to brutally subdue women and force its will on all parts of society, and how much of current Christian belief was introduced to control people through fear during those times, and is not based on the Bible at all. The discussions of church history and contemporary issues in this book will give many people the insight into Christianity they need to overcome their guilt concerning it, and will help all of us better understand the movement which so strongly underpins our society and culture. Mason claims the horrors of medieval Christianity haunt our society in much the same way as suppressed and un-dealt-with childhood traumas haunt the lives of many adults, and that we in our abused society need to remember what happened, feel the anger, and insist on apologies and repudiation of medieval doctrines from the churches involved. Then we can begin to heal our relationships with God. In Search of the Loving God goes a long way toward guiding us to this reconciliation.

The author spent many years researching Biblical sources, the history of Christianity, and its social manifestations, in order to write this book. He has an attractive web page which includes two whole chapters from the book, so you can effectively browse through the book before deciding to buy it. Its URL is: www.markmason.net

In Search of the Loving God is available from Dwapara Press online at www.markmason.net

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