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Feel free to email me to check whether I'm still around and fulfilling orders!

Bonus Book Offer: buy a copy of In Search of the Loving God and you can opt to
receive a free ebook of one of these I have written: Darcy's World or
The Hot Springs of America, both novels, or Living the Evolution, a book about living
sustainably. The offer is good for six months. Just email me at the above address to say
which book you want. There is information about all three books at this website.

Payment: to pay by Credit Card or PayPal, click one of these "Buy Now" buttons:

In Search of the Loving God by Mark Mason. U.S. Orders:

for a .pdf ebook* emailed to you as soon as
posssible, usually within a day or two, and a hard copy of the book
shipped to you within a few days via media mail to U.S. addresses.
Just $16.00 using PayPal or a Credit Card. (With black and white cover.)

Pdf Ebook of In Search of the Loving God:

for a .pdf ebook* emailed to you as soon as possible,
usually within a day or two, to the USA or anywhere in the world.
Just US $10.00 using PayPal or Credit Card.

Australian Orders for In Search of the Loving God:

for a .pdf ebook* emailed to you within a few days
and a hard copy of the book shipped within Australia by Parcel Post.
Just US $38.00 using PayPal or Cr. Card. (The book has a black and white cover.)

I do not ship hard copies of the book to other countries - I suggest buying the ebook
in this case (see above).

How it works:
After you click on one of the above buttons to pay by credit card or PayPal, PayPal
will send me an email telling me about the order, and I will attach the ebook to an email to
the email address you have provided PayPal. This will usually be within a few hours, or a day
at the most, but very occasionally I may be out of email contact for a few days, in which
case it may be a few days before I can send the ebook.

When the hard copy is shipped it will be double wrapped for extra protection,
in at least shrinkwrap and a Jiffy mailer.

*About the ebook:
The .pdf ebook requires a reading program such as ReadEra, Acrobat Reader or the Edge
web browser to read it. Acrobat Reader is recommended and is already
on most computers (though often not with Windows 10). If not, it is a free download:
Download Acrobat Reader. With this Acrobat reader the .pdf ebook offered here has
each chapter separately bookmarked, can be easily searched, and can be highlighted
and have "sticky notes" attached to it by the reader. It is a faithful reproduction of the
original book, including the cover, and is in an easily readable, book-sized page format.
Once you have clicked on the chapter you want to read, it will be most easy to read if
you press Ctrl + L to move to "Full Screen Mode." Full Screen Mode can also be
accessed from the View menu. Pressing Esc or Ctrl + L again will take you out of
Full Screen Mode.

You can check for yourself whether the .pdf format of this book will display well on
your computer (or tablet, Kindle, etc), before spending money on the complete ebook,
by downloading the following free sample ebook of In Search of the Loving God. It
contains only the two chapters that are offered for free at this website anyway, but
the format is exactly the same as the complete .pdf ebook you would buy. For this
free download, right click (& Save target as) here: ISOTLG ebook sample.pdf

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