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Links to resources for Christian and Yoga meditation

In Search of the Loving God home page. This book by Mark Mason has a chapter on meditation which includes a powerful meditation technique. Read three complete chapters from this book, and an extract from the meditation chapter, at this site. Two of the complete chapters presented are about living the spiritual life, and have quite a bit to say about meditation.

How to Meditate - a Basic Technique. This page describes in detail a simple and safe but powerful meditation technique anyone can learn, and use to tune in to the "kingdom of heaven within."

World Community for Christian Meditation. Homepage of the United States branch of this world-wide interdenominational organization promoting meditation among Christians.

World Community for Christian Meditation in Australia. Talks about the great need for meditation in the twentieth century, and gives information about this organization's meditation groups in Australia.

Metaphysical News Groups. A list of metaphysical news groups on the Internet, including groups devoted to meditation.

Self-Realization Fellowship Home Page. Describes their publications, including the works of Paramahansa Yogananda, in particular his Autobiography of a Yogi. This site also details their activities, and the benefits of joining their organization. If you are looking for an organization to join in order to learn to meditate, this is definitely one to consider. The powerful meditation technique of Kriya Yoga can be learned from them.

Vedanta Society of Southern California. Home page of the oldest organization in the USA devoted to teaching yoga, meditation and Vedantic philosophy. Christopher Isherwood and Aldous Huxely both belonged to this ground-breaking organization. They publish some excellent books on the similarities between Christ's teachings and the Hindu teachings of Vedanta. The Sermon on the Mount According to Vedanta by Swami Prabhavandanda is highly recommended.

Ananda Home Page. Details the Ananda Church of Self-Realization's yoga-based meditation and how-to-live literature, and their meditation lessons and retreats at the Ananda cooperative villiage.

Association of Christian Meditators. This site describes a technique of Judeo-Christian meditation which uses the mantra "Yahweh," the ancient Jewish name of God. It also describes a useful breathing technique called "So Hum," and gives some good common-sense advice about meditation.

If you know of any meditation resources you feel should be mentioned on this page, please e-mail me at: mark (at) markmason (dot) net with the url of the site.

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About this meditation resouce page:

This resource is offered to help people interested in Christian meditation, Yoga meditation, and other metaphysical meditation traditions. Meditation is a way for all people, from all religions, to establish and deepen their personal relationship with God. Christian meditation is a much debated concept. Some Evangelical Christians maintain that Christian meditation means meditating on the Scriptures, "God's word," and they reject the mystical tradition in their own religion of silent, inwardly focused, meditation. Most Christians, however, take Christian meditation to mean the same as yoga meditation or any other type of meditation: a silent contemplative waiting on God - seeking, as Jesus said, "the kingdom of God within."