Article 20:
How S. E. T. Explains Much of the Mysteriousness of Space

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General Relativity proposes that objects of matter bend “space” and that this bent space is then the “gravitational” field that dictates the movement of other matter. The fact that General Relativity doesn’t say what it is in space that gets bent, or how matter bends it, nor how this bent space influences the movement of other matter, does not, however, undermine its usefulness as a theory — it still accurately predicts how gravity works in many, but not all, situations. It leaves the structure behind these workings a mystery, though.

Stationary Energy Theory likewise says matter causes a bending of something in space, but it also says what is being bent: the flight path of backward-through-time particles (BTTPs). This theory proposed, back in the section on gravitational red shift, that the BTTPs passing a body of matter (like the sun) are deflected by the same angle as a ray of starlight passing the same body of matter, and this was used as a “Rosetta Stone” to develop the specific formulas for gravitational red shift and the force of gravity this theory provides — formulas that accurately describe the Universe, and limit to previously known formulas such as Newton’s formula for gravity within our solar system, but are initially, such as in Formula 32, formulated in terms of these angles of deflection. Since General Relativity says starlight follows the contours of bent space, it is clear that the flight paths of BTTPs around a massive object are exactly the same as General Relativity’s “contours of bent space” around the object. Stationary Energy Theory then, like General Relativity, says these deflected BTTPs (bent space) are the gravitational field that dictates the motion of other matter, however, it also creates a model of how this works.

The power of having this model, quite apart from explaining much of the previous “mysteriousness” of space, is that it then predicts that gravity will turn into a repulsive force at great distances, which explains why the rate of expansion of the Universe is accelerating, and seems to fairly accurately predict the amount of this acceleration. This, of course, avoids the need to resort to propose the existence of what would be the most mysterious and weird thing of all about the Universe: “dark energy.” That what is being bent in space is the flight path of basic particles of matter that repel matter as they travel backward in time, also goes some way toward, and opens up the way for, developing a unified description of the forces between fundamental particles (currently described by quantum mechanics) and the force of gravity.

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