Article 11:
The Nature of Electromagnetic Radiation in a 4D Universe

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It is very hard to imagine a four-dimensional sphere. The best we can do is imagine a three dimensional sphere, and try to extrapolate from there. The 3-D sphere, though, has its radius as well as its surface in the three space dimensions. The fact that the radii of our 4-D Universe are all in the time dimension, and passing through it gives rise to our sense of time, limits the usefulness of the 3-D sphere analogy.

Whichever direction we look in space we are looking back in time because of the finite speed of light which is also equal to our speed of travel through time. This is why, although EMR is “stationary,” fixed in the Universal Energy Field, as we race past it at the speed of light in the time dimension as our Universe expands, we see it coming at us from a direction in space, and it could be any direction in space. This is because every direction in space is backward in time. If we see a star that is eight light years away, we are looking back eight years in time, regardless of where that star is in the sky. Another way of looking at this is that light is appearing to travel backward in time because we, along with all matter, are actually traveling forward in time. So, although we can’t imagine it, we are traveling forward through time toward every direction in space. EMR in every direction in space is stationary, but appears to be moving toward us with the speed of light, because we are moving toward it at the speed of light through time (or through space and time if we are moving relative to the grid of “stationary points” in space).

Looking at it in another way, there is a kind of perpendicularity to EMR, because while we are moving past it very largely in the time dimension, it appears to be coming at us in a direction perpendicular to the time dimension, from a particular direction in the three space dimensions. But then, perpendicularity is a quality of EMR — it has long been known to have three dimensions of perpendicularity. EMR consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields, which are perpendicular to each other, and to its direction of propagation. It could well be that oscillating electric and magnetic fields are the result of the “imprinting” of the propagation of EMR on to the space dimensions which are all also perpendicular to the direction through time in which we are passing the “stationary” energy. That would just be adding a fourth dimension of perpendicularity to EMR, which is consistent with fact that EMR can be mathematically described as a “four-vector.” Light appears to be traveling in all four dimensions, but since it is really the matter we are made of that is moving, not the light, and matter moves in all four dimensions, space and time, this actually makes sense.

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