Stationary Energy Theory -- Appendix C

An explanation for why BTTPs are deflected by the same angle as photons in a gravitational field is as follows: Photons of EMR are attracted to matter that moves past it as the Universe expands at the speed of light. The EMR is in the “stationary” quantum state, meaning that it is not moving in the time dimension. It could, however, move within the space dimensions, as it is attracted by passing matter, and so be deflected as we pass it. Since photons would be “passing” this matter at the speed of light, half the speed BTTPs are passing matter, one would expect the photons to be deflected twice as much as BTTPs if they were subjected to the same field. They would seem, however, to be subject to just half the field, as they are equally subject to the influence of BTTPs, which exert no net attraction because they are spread out in an overall uniform density rather than being differentiated into objects like the material Universe is. The net result is that photons and BTTPs are deflected by the same amount as they pass objects of matter. Having said that, BTTPs at the point of collision with BPs on the sun's photosphere will only have been deflected by half the total amount that photons are because they are only traveling to a central point on the photosphere and not also away from it like the photons in starlight are.

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