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In Search of the Loving God examines why Christianity is stagnating when there is so much interest in the spiritual in our society. It puts an end to the convenient fiction that church doctrine is based on the Bible. The reality is that for most of its two thousand years the church has borne little resemblance to Jesus. The medieval church revealed in this book is certainly fascinating, but it is also barbaric and power-hungry. It developed doctrines such as the "unforgivable sin" in order to frighten people into submission to its authority. And it had millions of people burned at the stake for heresy and witchcraft.

Mark Mason casts authoritative new light onto what the Bible is saying, and in the process shows that nearly all Christian denominations need major reform before they can shake off the humbug of the middle ages, and become relevant to the educated and discriminating people of our times. Hell is at the center of the church's deception. This book's close examination of all the Bible passages relating to hell clearly shows there is no Biblical basis for believing in everlasting punishment. This sadistic concept has, over the centuries, been read and translated into the Bible in order to scare people into submission, but the liberating truth is that it is not really there at all. And how could it be, if God really is all-loving? But if this is the case, what does God do with wicked people when they die? Read this book and find out. Find out, also, how to personally know the loving God, and abide with Him, in the kingdom of heaven within, through meditation; and how to interpret the book of Revelation as a guide to the inner spiritual life, rather than a prophecy of doom for the world.

In this book, fundamentalism finds its nemesis. It heralds in a new reformation which will dwarf the spiritual non-event Luther's time.

"Powerful! and extremely important that the truth be told. Your work
will hopefully be a real catalyst to the healing that must take place."

- Kaya Stasch, counselor

"This book is of timely importance as we observe the ever-increasing
phenomenon of the Christian Right movement in the United States."
- John Lawrence, book reviewer for Journal of Comparative Sociology

This book gives you the power to overcome the guilt Christianity gave you,
and the insight to understand the movement which so strongly underpins our
society and culture. It reveals truths the church has long concealed. And it
shows how you can come to know our loving God.


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